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Other Commission Ideas
Personalized Illustrated Collage Name Drawing 
includes all the many likes, loves, hobbies, and experiences set around a creative writing style of the persons name.

Great to hang in the nursery, on the door of his/her room, inside the locker, or anywhere for people to see this unique gift. Hang it and be proud of who and what makes up you! It's also a great image to look back upon in years to come and see what the younger you liked at the time this was made!  
Personalized Illustrated Collage Book Mark
includes everything as commission pieces above but just mini!

This personalized book mark comes laminated with a textured backing and is a great gift for ANY avid reader young or old!

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 A Personalized Illustrated Collage

 A Personalized Illustrated Collage is a commissioned project that demonstrates a unique and special way of bringing my clients a very personal piece of celebrating an occasion or the life of a loved one
​After a simple interview process and questionnaire filled out by the client, I then compile all the information given and arrange them artistically in the form of an illustration. 

why do this??

People’s lives are very much like puzzles. 
There are so many different experiences in peoples’ lives which to me, present themselves as the pieces. Put together, those pieces make up a story. Each person’s story is unique and like none other on Earth. I take the responsibility and create an image arranging such pieces (or experiences) to create a vision celebrating a special occasion or the life of that person. ​

Such reasons to commission this type of project would be to celebrate one’s Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, Graduation, Bah and Bat Mitzvahs, even such events as celebrating the Memory of a loved one as well as a Just Because memento. 

Whichever the occasion is, be sure that there will never be anything like it and will be a treasured item to view the many puzzle pieces of life arranged in one illustration. 

Below are a few sample illustrations of past works and brief descriptions of each.

​*As some aspects of each illustration are personal, therefore I limit the amount described in each piece. 
Also. . .