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James Heroux was born in April of 1980 and was raised in Framingham, Massachusetts. At the age of 24, moved to sunny Arizona to be near his South-Western family. There, he began to find himself and where his love of art could take him. He attended school in Phoenix where his career as an artist took off. He graduated in 2008 with a degree in Fine Arts.

After reuniting with his childhood friend and crush in 2009, James made the 3,000 mile trek back home to Massachusetts to be with his love and soulmate Deven. They married in December 2011. 

Deven and James have two beautiful Australian Labradoodles Levi and Hadley. They have an exciting announcement that they also recently welcomed the beautiful little Seth Henry into the family, who was born on May 2013.  Another perfect addition to a wonder family!

James' studio space is in Framingham, Massachusetts.  
James Heroux's Resume

2005-2008   Paradise Valley Community College
Completed Associates of Arts

2011-current   Member of the Sudbury Art Association.  

04/2006 -  Honorable Mention Award 2006 Paradise Valley Community College 6th Annual Student Art Exhibit for pen and ink drawing, "Ode to Protest" series.
12/2006 -  Certificate of Achievement from Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, AZ.
04/2007 -  1st Place winner of The Friends of the Phoenix Public Library Art Contest, "My Phoenix - The City I See".

2014 -  January-April, Word.A.Day.Illustration Project, Panache Coffee, Framingham, Ma.

02/2006 -  Display of Ceramic Raku Head Series in the lobby of the Center for the Performing Arts, Phoenix, AZ.
04/2006 -  6th Annual Student Art Exhibit, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, AZ.
04/2007 -  The Friends of the Phoenix Public Library Art Exhibit, Burton Barr Central Library, Phoenix, AZ.
10/2011 -  Sudbury Art Association Open Gallery, Thunder Building, Sudbury, MA.
12/2013 -  Sudbury Art Association Holiday Market, Sudbury Crossing TJMaxx Plaza, Sudbury, MA.
12/2013 -  Artspace Maynard Holiday Show, Artspace Maynard Building, Maynard, MA.
03/2014 - 1st Annual Sudbury Design Week, 60Nobscot Home Gallery and Showroom, Sudbury, MA.
12/2014 - Sudbury Art Association Holiday Market, Sudbury Crossing TJMaxx Plaza, Sudbury, MA.
12/2014 - Framingham Downtown Renaissance ArtPOP Holiday Bazaar, 20 Union Ave, Framingham, MA.  

2010 -  Full team logo on apparel for softball league started by Engineering, Planning and Management, Inc. (EPM), Framingham, Ma.
2010 -  T-shirt design for Mike Miners' surprise birthday event, Boston, MA.
2011 -  Tattoo design for co-worker and his girlfriend, Sudbury, MA.
2012 -  T-shirt and Logo design for Team "Kanga's" for Junior Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) annual walk. Boston, MA. 
2013 -  Tattoo design, Daisy Richardson, Boston, MA
2014 -  Flyer design, Music Is Our Weapon presents Sunday School, vintage HipHop at The Crown and Harp, Dallas, TX.
2014 - T-shirt design, "Drop Beats Not Bombs", Scott Augat of Music Is Our Weapon, Dallas, TX.

2007 -  Sculpture, Seahorse made from recycled wine bottle corks, anonymous buyer, Phoenix, AZ.
2008 -  Oil painting, "Not Everyone Sees Red"(10" X 30" Canvas), Nina Davis, Tempe, AZ. 
2009 -  Oil painting, "The 'Bella' Rose" (16" X 30" Canvas), Kristina Conkin, Cave Creek, AZ.
2010 -  Personalized Illustration Collage, Birthday, Framed 18X24, Melissa Miner, Boston, MA. 
2011 -  Personalized Illustration Collage, Wedding, Framed 18X24, Jeff and Courtney Rhilinger, Warwick, RI.
2011 -  Personalized Illustration Collage, Wedding, Framed 22X26, James and Deven Heroux, Topsfield, Ma. 
2012 -  Illustrated Caricature, "Effie's Birthday Bash", Jeffery Thomas, RI. 
2012 -  Personalized Illustration Collage, Just Because, Framed 11X17, Ryan and Roberta Roark
2013 -  Illustration for birthday, "Deer on-looking the Hunter", Chris Turner, Framingham, MA.
2013 -  Illustration for Fathers Day, "Wired", Michelle Dimery of Dimery Photography in Rhode Island. 
2013 -  Oil painting, custom built wood shelf with leash hook and 'doodle' painting for Heather's Birthday of Hales' Labradoodles, Stefani Whiteman of Ocean State Labradoodles, Providence, RI.
2013 -  Illustration, Framed 20X24, Wedding Tree illustration used as guestbook, Shirley Rennie. NH
2013 - Personalized Illustration Collage, Anniversary, 14X18, Paige Douglas and Jason Lemberg, New York, NY.
2013 - Personalized Illustration Collage, Christmas gift, Framed 11X14, Isabella Tersoni, Framingham, Ma.
2014 - Caricature Illustration for Mother's Day, "Our Bunch", Rich Rennie, NH.
2014 - Personalized Illustration Collage, Graduation, Framed 11X14, Jodi Rodrigues, Framingham, MA.
2014 - Illustrated Name Collage, Framed 9X12, Cheryl Peczkowski for Cara, Phoenix, AZ.
2014 - Acrylic painting on constructed wood panel, 20X36, Carlos, Marlboro, MA. 
2014 - Illustration, Framed 11X14, "I'll tell you at pre-meal!", Carls, Marlboro, MA.
2014 - Personalized Illustration Collage, Bah Mitzvah, Framed 11X14, Mike Miner, NH. 
2014 - Illustrated Name Collage, Framed 11X14, Brian Ambrose, Framingham, MA.
2014 - U.S. East Coast Tour Collage, Unframed 11X17, Harry Niche, Berlin, Germany.
2014 - Personalized Illustrated Collage, Anniversary, Framed 11X17, Jackie Rousseau-Anderson, Framingham, MA.
2014 - Illustration, "The Dead Body Tour", Unframed, 11X14, Jean Larson, Framingham, MA.
2014 - Personalized Illustration Collage, Graduation, Framed 11X14, Ali Al Kahlifa, Behrain, Pakistan.
2014 - Illustration, "Playbill Collage", Framed 16X20, Tom and Nancy Plummer, Califon, NJ.
2014 - Pet Portrait, "Leo and Max", Unframed 12X12, Tamar Sherer, Allentown, PA.
2014 - Illustration "U.S. MLB/NFL Stadium Tour", Framed 24X36, Wendy Fogel, Ashland, MA.
2014 - Pet Portrait, "7 pups", Framed 11X17, Kristin Stymiest, Framingham, MA.
2015 - Illustration, "..she is fierce!", Unframed 8X10, Evan Treece, Trenton, ME.

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2013-2014 Teaching Instructor for PAINT NIGHT hosted Monday night at Bullfinchs Restaurant, Sudbury, MA.
2014 - Current Instructor for PAINT NIGHT events at Framed in Time's Upper Classes Art School, Saxonville, MA.